Monthly Archives: September 2009

The Yellow Meal

Today I joined the CFS Club for lunch. What was on the menu? CFS of course, chicken fried steak. Although I am very familiar with chicken fried steak, I had never eaten it until today.

I saw discussion about it twitter and when I asked about it, Andrea Myers (who is Queen of the CFS Club) told me the group gets together to enjoy CFS in all of the BEST places in Tulsa. She told me that I didn’t even need to order CFS if I didn’t want to, that it wasn’t required. I would, however, have to have an announcement to share that could be about anything.

Since one of my goals is to meet everyone in Oklahoma, I love meeting up with people whom I have already “met” on twitter. I thought it would be fun to meet this new group of people and very nice not to have to decide what I wanted to eat. I am a Libra and cannot make a decision, especially on menus loaded with lots of options. So I headed to Tulsa excited to meet new people but with trepidation about trying the food that many consider to be comfort food that they have been eating their whole lives.

David has been eating CFS ever since I have known him, over 30 years now. I refer to it as his yellow meal. CFS, gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn comprise the typical yellow fare I have seen him eat. Today included two other yellow items: a biscuit and butter. Yum.

Apparently the CFS at the Tulsa Press Club normally comes with carrots but today, as if in my honor, it came with corn on the cob. I was amazed at the hunormous plate of food that was set in front of me. The photo I took doesn’t even begin to do justice to the actual size of the meal. I wasn’t able to eat it all but I did taste everything, except for the corn. I was just too full.

We didn’t eat fried foods when I was growing up and we don’t eat much that is fried now either so while I found the experience interesting, I’m not sure that I will eat it again. But I enjoyed the company of the gathered CFS aficionados and can now say that I have partaken, at least once, of CFS. Does that make me a real Oklahoman? 🙂

She thinks my tractor’s sexy. Huh?

I am NOT a fan of country music. I have just never liked it. Something about the whining “oh my cat got caught in the blender” and “my wife left me” themes that just seem sort of negative to me. Give me a hard driving rock beat any day. Or even a toe tapping, spirit lifting, Karma Chameleon. But, as ELO said, don’t bring me down.

We were driving back to Bartlesville from Lawton last night, a good four hour drive. It was Monday night and we have Sirius radio in the car. I fully expected to listen the the football game but no dice. The two men occupying the front seat chose, instead, to keep us on the Country Highway.

Suggesting did no good. Asking, pleading, begging, and still I was listening to how she was rocking a beer gut. Say what???

After four hours of being imprisoned in a mobile hoedown, I thought I might have lost my mind but today is a new day. As Boston says, don’t look back. And I won’t. And I don’t think a tractor’s sexy either. 😉