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Foursquare fitness

If you’ve read my prior blog about foursquare, you’ll know just how much I love it. I love being the mayor of different places and I love, even more, getting badges.

I realized the other day that foursquare figures pretty heavily into my fitness equation.

Foursquare fitness? Yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

There are several buffalo in town that are highly collectible, if you can call it that. Mayorship changes hands frequently if they are not visited daily. I love those buffalo. I WANT to be their mayor. This, gets me out the door on days when it might be a little cold or somewhat rainy. I know that if we don’t go on our walk and check into those buffalo, we might lose them.

My path takes me past the library. If I have a book to return, I’ll check in there. Then I head past the 66 Sculpture.

Turning left, we go by the First Presbyterian buffalo which, incidentally, is not currently there so I don’t check in right now. I do wonder what happened to it.

A couple of blocks later we arrive at the Bartian and Fabulous buffalo and Wooloroc Wiley.

We head back south, pick up the Frank Lloyd Wright Buffalo and the OKMozart buffalo

before heading over to Earl Sears Park to grab the Starry Night Over Bartlesville and Class of ’61 buffalo.

Then we head home.

This walk takes us about 45 minutes and we do it every day. Unless we aren’t home.

Yesterday, I got a new badge while we were out walking. It’s the Century Club badge and I got it because I had checked into the Bartian and Fabulous buffalo 100 times.


So if you live in a place like I do and are struggling with your fitness program. Consider foursquare fitness. It might be just what you need to get you out the door every day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Why I LIKE the new @klout algorithm

So I log into my klout account yesterday and I see that I’ve lost some serious pointage.

Just the day before, my klout score was 67 and I was classified as a Pundit. I liked that.

I look into my twitter stream and I see everyone is up in arms because their klout score has gone down. Well, I’m not too interested in my over all klout score.

I was never going to use my “klout” to get some poster or other little trinket. (Note: if they offer me a new Chevy Camaro as a klout perk to get me to tweet about what I’m getting, I sincerely will consider it).

But what I really like to see is my true reach number. That’s the one that’s important to me. I’m on twitter to meetย peopleย and build relationships so I feel that my true reach number should be relatively close to what my follower number is.

As I looked over this whole klout situation taking place in my stream, along came @mrautotweetwhitenoise (name has been changed so as not to insult anyone directly). I have blogged about him before. He, to me, is someone who just doesn’t get twitter.

Back when I first blogged about him, he had 50,000 followers and now he’s almost doubled that number.

But check this out:

My twitter follower count

His twitter follower count

And the very best thing:

Whoa! I have a higher klout score than he does, I have larger network influence, I have a larger true reach. Woo hoo!

Social media at the very minimum should be SOCIAL! It used to bother me to see @mrautotweetwhitenoise carrying a higher klout score when he was simply not present. Not social.

I feel vindicated, justified. I feel like my theory has been proven out. So, while you may bemoan your loss of klout points, realize that correction may provide a more accurate reflection of your true social media influence.

At least I’m going to go with that even though I still feel sad not to be classified a Pundit anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚


So yesterday, it was all chilly and feeling like fall and I thought it would be awesome to bake something. But I can’t bake anything. I have no ingredients, no pans. Everything is packed. All I have is an oven.

So I tweeted.

And promptly, I saw

And my heart stopped as I laughed. Holy cow! That can’t go up on a billboard. What will people think? LOLOL! I was still laughing as I protested to @LavarOKC that I did not say that.

And then it dawned on me. @LavarOKC is not the same as @LamarOKC that has the digital billboards and have posted my tweets before. It’s a spoof.

I’m still laughing and I still want to bake. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stop! Hammer Time

We just spent an awesome week in Bilbao, Spain. I had never been to Spain (but I’ve been to Oklahoma – ha ha ha – I’ll stop. ;-)) so I was looking forward to the trip and also to see David whom I hadn’t seen since June 12.

We stayed in an amazing hotel, the Hotel Carlton.

Beautiful, old world style, terrific service, centrally located. We loved this hotel!

We ate some terrific food. The pastries at breakfast were not to be believed.

I got to use my one Spanish sentence, “mas cafe’ por favor”, a lot since they don’t drink coffee like we do here.  I said it in my head more than I said it aloud. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We saw amazing architecture.

And drank beer on the sidewalk.

It was an awesome trip!

They smoke a lot in Spain. This was kind of disturbing. As we sat outside enjoying a beverage, we would begin to be surrounded by smokers. And there were plenty of people smoking as they walked down the street including kids coming out of school. I was actually surprised that I didn’t get burned by a flying cigarette during the time we were there.

But what was even more disturbing was the fashion trend we started to see – MC Hammer pants. Stop! Hammer Time!

When we saw the first gal wearing them, I thought it was a one off. But, soon, we were seeing gals everywhere wearing them.

My mom always taught me not to be rude and I wasn’t able to capture a photo of any of the girls wearing them. First of all, I was so shocked every time I saw it, it took some time for me to collect myself and think of my camera. But, then, how would you take a photo without being obvious? And rude?

So I found this one at

And that’s what they look like alright. His apparently were taken in Barcelona. Different town, same country. So I hope this is just a trend that is happening in Spain.

In his article, he basically says the same thing that I have been thinking: they look ridiculous. Even on the thinnest of girls, they look like they have huge hips and why would you want your butt all baggy. Doesn’t this cause chafing?

It confounds me. Disturbing for sure.

So Spain was fabu. I love it all except the smoking and the Hammer pants. I hope we’ll get to visit again some day. ๐Ÿ™‚