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This Pen for Hire – book review

This Pen For Hire (A Jaine Austen Mystery, #1)This Pen For Hire by Laura Levine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! It was as cute as her last book which I read first. This is the first book and I’ll definitely be reading the ones that come in between. Such a cute character, Jaine Austen is. 🙂

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The Darlings – book review

The Darlings: A NovelThe Darlings: A Novel by Cristina Alger

This was a really good book. I’ll admit, when I first saw it at the library, I got it because it was about the Darlings of New York. I loved that show Dirty, Sexy Money which featured the Darlings of New York. But this book is not about those people. It’s a great story and I hope there’s a sequel. 🙂

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The Expats – book review

The Expats: A NovelThe Expats: A Novel by Chris Pavone

What a great book! I could not put it down. I saw the author on Fox and Friends and was excited when our library finally got this book. I wasn’t disappointed. Great story, twists, turns, sitting on the edge of my chair. 🙂

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Yesterday, before the storm had really even started, we lost our DirecTV signal. This is standard. As soon as the wind picks up, the signal is lost.

So I tweeted it.

And it’s true. When it begins to storm I can reliably expect my TV to look like this:

(Video taken just now, not yesterday.)

Reliably unreliable. 😉

Meet me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

hee hee

Actually it’s Meet-meme and it’s very cool.

Right after last year’s pageant Cheryl Lawson handed me her card.

I was so excited to be able to finally talk to her after the thirty day silence period required for all judges of the pageant.  I took the card and stuck it in my purse where I didn’t pull it out until a couple of months later.

“This is awesome,” I thought. “I must have one of my own!”

And I ordered them. I felt kind of bad using the same color scheme that Cheryl had used on hers but it branded well with my blog so I went for it.

I happily passed my cards out at every event. Everyone thought they were awesome.

I gave one to Becky McCray and she gave me hers. She told me that she had them color coordinated to an event that she had been part of. Cheryl had the blue and gold one, too. Kewl. 🙂

I didn’t even know what the QR code on the card did until RB Bruce scanned it for me at my See You Later party. It’s really cool, though, it takes you to the links of all of the accounts you have connected.

Now, I have learned that I’m in the 2011 Meet Meme Year Book.

How fun! Here’s my page.

Now I’m going to have to get the book. 🙂

These cards are a great conversation starter and, best of all, are inexpensive to produce. I can’t wait to see yours!