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I’m a dork

LOL! Sometimes I just have to shake my head at myself. 🙂

Since we learned we are going to be moving, we’ve been trying to use up the food and supplies we have in the house. Before we went to the store the last time,  I noticed that we were almost out of Cascade dishwasher action packs.

We got one of the big plastic containers one time because it keeps them better but, since we’re moving into the RV, I was hoping to get the smaller plastic container that wouldn’t take up too much room.

I was ready to grab the smaller box when a lady in the aisle said, “I have a $2.00 off coupon for this one” pointing to the one in the plastic bag.

Well, I really wanted the smaller plastic box but a $2.00 off coupon is pretty good stuff. So I accepted her coupon and bought the bag of action packs.

I just opened that bag and as I was loading it into the dishwasher, it occurred to me that I really didn’t need to worry about the smaller box at all since THE RV DOES NOT HAVE A DISHWASHER!

LOL! Shaking my head. 😉

RV crazy?

We very well may be but we are now proud owners of an RV. Believe it or not. And I know plenty of people who will not believe that I am going to live in an RV.

David had been interviewing for a position in West Texas. We talked about it a lot and finally decided that buying an RV would make more sense at this point in our lives when we are ready to downsize and head towards our retirement goals. (10 year plan, folks, don’t freak. ;-))

It took me just a little bit of time to wrap my head around the idea but then I realized it could be fun.

Thus began our five state tour of hundreds of RVs. We drove to Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Texas. Of course we looked around Oklahoma, too, even if it wasn’t the first state we looked in.

We wound up buying an RV from Georgia. LOL! 😉

RV crazy? Um, yes, most assuredly. 🙂

We had pretty much narrowed down our search when we drove over to Amarillo to check out the RV parks to see where we would park this RV we couldn’t make our minds up about purchasing.

We’ve decided on the Oasis RV Park in Amarillo. It’s on the west side of town just past the Cadillac Ranch and before New Mexico.

Photo courtesy of

I like it and the lady we met, Gail, was so nice and helpful. I think it’s going to be nice to be her neighbor. As we were pulling out of the park after taking a tour around Gail came out of the office and flagged us down. She said that if we bought an RV locally, they could deliver it for us and set it up. Oh? Hmmm. And all of a sudden we weren’t sure we had a first choice. It opened us up to getting a bigger trailer and having someone pull it for us. David has a 1/2 ton pick up and it’s not big enough to pull everything so basically we’d been looking at lightweight bumper pull trailers. Now, we could expand our search. Hallelujah! Like we hadn’t already looked at 893 RVs.

Immediately, like in the hotel with the slowest wi-fi ever, we started looking at other options.

So what did we get? We got a 5th wheel Sportsman by KZ. It’s a 2005 model because I detest the inside of RVs and part of my fun is going to be pulling everything out and replacing it with tragically hip and incredibly cool alternatives.

Our biggest concern, of course, was Boo Boo. He’s a big guy and he sleeps with us so a standard RV queen size bed was just not going to cut it. This one has a king sized bed. By having the 5th wheel we’ll be able to have a bigger living area that is not only taller for us, but it will allow us to have two chairs and a couch so the three of us can all sit on furniture.

Here is the floorplan:

It’s going to be different to live this way but I’m excited about it. I think it will be an adventure and it will be fun. I always have fun with David and I’m looking forward to this.

So anyway, West Texas. It’s flat. And there’s not much out by where we’ll be living. The road is paved at the RV park but at the next intersection it becomes gravel. When I look out, all I see are amber waves of grain. I am about to become Little Trophy Wife on the Prairie. Except I’m not little. 😉

Note: If you are planning to buy an RV in Oklahoma, I can highly recommend Ralph Gray at Deans RV in Tulsa and Big Steve at Dave’s Claremore RV. Both of them listened to us and didn’t try to sell us something we didn’t want to buy. Thank you!