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We Are Gastronauts

I was listening to a webinar yesterday when the gal being interviewed referred to herself as a gastro tourist. Say what? She then described what she meant and I thought, “I love that! We are totally that.”


I also like the idea of referring to myself as a gastronaut. 🙂

gastro tourism

We are heading to Florida today. On the way there, we will drive through Birmingham because it’s the most direct route. On the way home, though, we’ll be driving through Nashville. Why? Because we’re gastronauts.

When David brought me the moonshine last year, I spent a lot of time looking for recipes that I could use it in. While searching, google brought me to the Loveless Cafe and I became obsessed. I like them on facebook, I follow them in instagram. I want to go there SO badly and eat biscuits. So we’re going to drive out of our way to have breakfast there. 🙂

Given that we are going the different route, our drive will take us through Atlanta where we’ll have lunch with my friend, Kat, at Mary Mac’s. I only learned of this restaurant yesterday while we were planning our visit so now I have a new menu to obsess over. It looks delish!

I’m not sure what kinds of places we’ll visit while in Florida. We’ll be sharing several meals with old friends and I’m looking forward to the friends part more than the food but it will all be good, I’m sure! 🙂

I love to food spot and you can find me here.

Cookbook Cook Through: Week 4

We’ve just finished up week four of the cook through of the Every Day Paleo cookbook. I made three recipes this week and they were all wonderful.

First I made the Dry Rub Burgers. This makes some tasty burgers. The recipe makes quite a bit so we’ve actually had these twice now. We love them!


Next we tried Frittata for All otherwise known as let’s watch Lauri and David eat a lot of eggs. It was delish! David can’t wait to have this one again. It was easy to prepare. I was a little afraid of putting my skillet in the oven but it was fine and the frittata turned out perfectly.


The third recipe I tried was Curried Cauliflower. We both love Indian flavors and roasted veggies so this was a perfect recipe for us. We ate it all. An entire head of cauliflower. Yum!

I’ve really been enjoying this challenge so far. We are going to Florida tomorrow so I won’t be cooking anything from the cookbook the week we’re gone but I’m looking forward to what I chose next! 🙂


Donuts are just one of those foods. You know. They’re not good for you but they taste SO good. Especially with chocolate milk. Also not good for you.

We decided to take the Glambaby for a donut this a.m. to a place call OK Country Donuts. They make donuts into shapes and Nikki had gotten some baseball donuts from them for Geoff for his birthday.

When we got there, the fun donuts were on the bottom shelf of the case, just at the Glambaby’s level. They had pigs and snakes. Well, how do you decide between them? Both so fun?


You don’t.

You get them both. And enjoy them both.


We love donuts!

What food does it for you? 🙂

Renew Redo: Guestroom Headboard

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Tulsa. Although there was a high wind advisory, that never happened and the temperature reached 70 degrees.

I wanted to take that day to paint the headboard for the guest room that I got from Craigslist.



I fell in love with, not only this comforter set, but also the way the white headboard looked on the gray wall. So I was looking for a headboard that would show the wall through it.

I found this headboard on Craigslist within the $50 budget I set for myself.


Then I got three cans of white spray paint. Which was a bad mistake. I don’t know if I just stink at spray painting or the paint was cheap or what but it didn’t go on very smoothly. And my pointer fingers hurt so much from trying to spray the paint. So I ran to the store to get a can of white semi-gloss paint.

What a fabu idea! It looks amazing.


I can’t wait to see it against the wall with “Shaken Not Stirred” peeking through. 🙂

Renovation Retrospection: The Upstairs Guest Room

We are headed to Florida at the end of the week and it’s time to get a guest room completed for our house/dog sitter. I’ve had all the “pieces”. I just need to put them all together.

I took down all of the decorations from the room and donated them to Goodwill. Except for the giant tree. I saw someone selling one on Craigslist for $275 and thought maybe I should do the same.

Guest Room Before

The room is now empty so that I could remove the wallpaper border and paint it. When I moved the tree, this is what I see.


Advice to the home seller:  I’d  strongly suggest that when you do a bad patch job on a wall, you at least use the same color paint to cover it up because when the new buyer removes the big ass tree you put in front of it, they will see your shoddy workmanship.

I guess that the reason the wall paper border was put up was to hide the really crappy paint job.


The good news is, I was able to pull most of the wall paper down by grabbing the loose edges. It took me around an hour to get the super stuck pieces off with a steamer.

Advice to the home seller: If you decide to put up a wall paper border to hide your crappy paint job, be sure not to do a really good job at sticking that stuff up, either. That way, when the buyer wants to get this hideous stuff off the wall, it won’t take them as much time as it will if you do a really good job.

The room is now ready for some fabu paint! 🙂

I’m So Glad I Met…

In 2006, I got an email from a 14 year old who wanted to enter the pageant I was directing. She was very persistent and we had many emails between us before she finally entered in 2008.

Miss Teen Northern Oklahoma

She won the teen title in the regional pageant that we produced that year and went on to compete for the Miss Oklahoma Teen International title. She did not win but was the first runner up. In 2009 she came back and won the state title.

Miss Teen Oklahoma International 2009

We grew close over the year of her reign and have continued to grow even closer. I call her my mini-me. We look nothing alike but inside we are just like the same person. It’s so much fun to hang out with someone who is so much like you that you never have to explain anything and the fun can just roll.

Human Emoji

In this past year, I was the Glamazon of Honor (I simply cannot be matronly ;-)) at her wedding. I threw her a bridal shower and then a baby shower for the little Sayler who will call me Glammie as she grows up.


I love this girl so much! She is my dearest friend and confidant. I am so glad that I met Lyndzee Vieweg Story and so thankful for the huge part she plays in my life. 🙂

Who is a person that you are glad that you met?

Big News From Little Writer


I recently read Alison McQueen’s new book Under the Jeweled Sky. I loved it! I am honored to have Alison as a guest blogger today. I hope you will enjoy her post and I encourge you to read her beautifully written book!


I am thrilled to be guest blogging for Rott-I-Tude today. So what shall we talk about? I have a book out this month, Under The Jeweled Sky, but let’s not dwell on that. I don’t get to see anyone’s reviews until they’re out there, so I can only hope that the one Lauri is putting up today is kind.

Under The Jewelled Sky

Quite apart from the books and the torturous business of writing, I do happen to have some very big news indeed which will overshadow everything else this year. And now, for the first time, in a major exclusive for Rott-I-Tude, I shall share that news with you: I am going to turn 50, the big Hawaii Five-O, and my husband is having kittens.

As far as I am concerned, all bets are off this year. I have had one whole career (in advertising), written a bunch of novels (when I couldn’t stand the advertising any longer), and raised a family. And that, my friends, entitles me to do whatever I want to for this one year. I have survived five decades without killing anybody in my family, and trust me, the temptation has sometimes been very strong.

I mentioned all this to my husband a couple of days ago. I think he thought I was joking. The Christmas just gone I really pushed the boat out, transforming the house into a scene from Narnia, inviting my disabled brother and his family for 4 whole days, looking after everybody, conjuring huge meals out of the kitchen three times a day for eleven people.

Everybody thought they’d got it made, that I had finally thrown in the towel and decided to surrender quietly and become the perfect wife and mother they have all longed for. Oh, the bliss of it. As they say: revenge is a dish best served after the cranberries have been eaten.

I’m so excited about the year ahead that I can barely contain myself.  In no particular order, a big house-wrecking party, a lovely US book tour, friends and aeroplanes, (no friends with aeroplanes sadly), and a long-awaited holiday in the fall with the demand that my husband takes a whole month off work. He looked genuinely panicked and reminded me that not everybody is able to fit their entire job into a small shopper.

So although it’s almost the end of January and a little late for things like this, I would like to wish you all every happiness for 2014. It’s going to be a very special year.

Thank you Rott-I-Tude. This has been fun.

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Book Review: Double Dip

Double Dip (Davis Way Crime Caper #2)Double Dip by Gretchen Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a funny book and had me laughing out loud at times.

Davis Way is on the security team at a casino in Alabama. She’s also a dead ringer – and social stand in – for the casino owner’s wife which she gets paid for. As a member of the security team, she’s responsible for many different things, whatever the occasion calls for and it was a fast ride through the story.

Davis has a boyfriend and an ex ex husband named Eddie who gets in the way of their relationship.

This is the second book in the series and I haven’t read the first book but I definitely will! 🙂

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Cookbook Cook Through – Week 3

It was week three of my cookbook cook through challenge and we had some good food!

We both loved Indian food so I chose the Better Butter Chicken to make first. It was really good and even better the second day. I searched high and low to find fenugreek but couldn’t so I ended up leaving it out. I guess I’ll check the Indian grocery to see if they have it. I will make this one again but I think I’ll serve it over riced cauliflower next time.

Better Butter Chicken

We had never had red chard, or any kind of chard, before and I was able to find it at Sprouts. It was pretty! I looked forward to preparing and tasting it. I wasn’t too thrilled with its taste and David didn’t like it at all so I probably won’t make it again.

The second recipe we tried was Nutty Cookies. One of the problems we always have when eating clean is that David misses his “fun food”. He has started bringing me recipes which I help him out by making but have been truly awful. The last one, The Life Changing Loaf of Bread was just, um, awful.

nutty cookies

So anyway, this cookie recipe looked like it would be far and away better than the bread recipe. Although it was a little involved, it wasn’t difficult and we ate the cookies for breakfast. They were good! I will for sure make them again.

Next week I’ve decided to try the Frittata for All and Baked Curry Cauliflower. Yum! 🙂

A New Stage

We recently bought our house and I really enjoyed the process. Although we didn’t look at as many houses as I suppose we could have in real life, I looked at thousands of houses on Trulia.

I felt during that time that I could say, “Oh, have you met my new best friend? Her name is Trulia.”

After we were moved in, I thought briefly about becoming a Realtor. But I see how hard our Realtor works and, although I’m not averse to hard work, my life is kind of crazy and I just wasn’t sure it was a good fit for me.

Looking at the houses and photos and having a love for HGTV, I saw a lot of things that I thought a seller could do to make their home more appealing to the buyer. I particularly love the HGTV shows about staging a home. The other day, I thought maybe I should consider being a home stager.

Before and After Home Staging

It would work well with my crazy life and I would love to do it. I started surfing around the net and came across an organization that certifies home stagers. I actually have a friend in Oklahoma City (a twitter friend, whom I hadn’t met in real life) that stages homes. So I contacted her to see if she knew whether the organization was legitimate.

Turns out, she was certified through that company but she told me she was having a three hour class and maybe I’d like to come to that and see if I really think it’s something I’d like to do. What a great idea! I’d invest three house and $15 to see if I really wanted to make the heavy investment of being certified. As a bonus, I’d get to meet Lisa in real life. I signed up.

Yesterday, I attended the course with two other ladies. Although it was a course geared toward continuing education for Realtors, none of us was a Realtor. One lady was like me. She thought she might like to stage homes for a living and was trying to get some more information. The other lady was getting ready to put her house on the market and thought this would give her good ideas for that.

The class was great. Lisa was very forthcoming telling us about her career, giving us the ups and downs, actual situations that have occurred and then giving us some items and having us stage a kitchen counter.

The three hours flew by and I texted David and said, “I want to do this.”

His reply:

Two words. Business plan.

As if I should have expected anything else.

Before and After staging

Staging your home can help it to sell quickly. A lot of people just don’t have the vision to see the best parts of a house without a little help. Staging helps to turn a home back into a house, put it on the market, and then get the most money for the sale. I don’t think people are used to having their homes staged in Oklahoma yet. But I imagine if more people knew the benefits to them, they would want their home staged.

Awesome! And it was so great to meet Lisa in real life, too. If you need a home staged in Oklahoma City, she is your gal!