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Promised Post Pageant Donut

We stumbled upon Psycho Donuts on one of our morning walks a month or so ago. I loved how the outside was decorated. We didn’t go in but when I got home, I investigated a little further and decided that after the pageant, I was going to Psycho Donuts and have a donut. 


This morning, in a radical departure from my normally ultra healthy diet, we indulged.  It was truly difficult to decide which one of these amazing donuts I wanted to try. I asked the man in front of me if I could take a photo of his box and he said, “Sure”. 


After we ordered, he ordered 6 more! It really is a tough decision.


We decided on the Rocky Road (David) and the S’Mores (me)


They were served up by this very pleasant health care provider. 🙂


We also had a cup of coffee. I had the dark roast which was excellent and David had the lighter roast. 

Oh yum!!!!


We grabbed some napkins for the sticky deliciosity.


Sat at a cute table. 


It was amazing. Afterwards, I was buzzed to the max, ready to walk another 1397 miles. David just wanted to sleep. 🙂 

Although it’s not in my usual repertoire of food choices, I’m glad we tried Psycho Donuts. It was awesome! 😀

Book Review: Everybody Rise

Everybody RiseEverybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really loved this book and didn’t want it to be over. I really loved Evelyn and I wanted her to be successful.I was cheering for her!

Evelyn, isn’t from old money but, rather, new money. Her father, a plaintiff’s attorney has set the family up pretty well but Evelyn always feels on the outside looking in. She does have a few well placed friends from when she was in school and uses these connections to try and help her with her new job for a website called People Like Us, a sort of upscale facebook.

After talking Camilla Rutherford into joining the site, Evelyn becomes entranced with her world and becomes her almost instant best friend. Racking up thousands and thousands of dollars in debt trying to live up to people who have trust funds, her world starts caving in around her when she learns that her dad has been indicted.

I was happy at the end of the book that Evelyn seemed to have figured out what was important and was on her way back towards success.

Loved it, great book! 🙂

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