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Being Social on Social Media


Yesterday, as I was riding my bike, I was thinking about just how awesome social media has been in my life. I love nothing better than to engage with new friends all over the world. And, really, isn’t engaging with people the very definition of social?

I used to love twitter so much. I still do but the truth is, it’s just not as much fun as it once was. The people I was friends with in the beginning have moved off of twitter and over to facebook. Fortunately, I connected with them there so I haven’t really lost anyone that I cared about but I’m sad that I don’t have the extensive conversations I used to have on twitter. I still work it really hard but that’s just it: it’s harder now than it used to be to have a conversation on twitter. At my gym in California, I was talking to one of the guys and he said, “Oh, twitter is just a broadcasting platform”. Umm, no it’s not. Is that what people think now? Is that why it’s changed so much?


I have twitter followers from around the world. 53 different countries! I love that but talk to me, please!

Over the past year or so I’ve fallen madly and passionately in love with snapchat. By it’s very design, it’s an engagement platform and I’m rather blown away by all of the incredible people I’ve connected with there.


 As the reigning Mrs. Southwest International, I have my community service platform to promote and I’ve done it well on snapchat. I’ve had conversations with people all over the world and I’m set to make appearances as Mrs. International in five foreign countries should I win the international crown. 

I’m absolutely amazed to have connected with people who realize that keeping kids safe from concussions is a message that needs to be spread far and wide and I, personally, will not rest until I’ve told everyone. Just this morning, I connected with another of my followers who is, himself, a former hockey player and a TBI (traumatic brain injury) survivor. I learned that his mom has been helping TBI survivors for 26 years through a foundation she started. That’s good stuff she is doing. 

The reason I connected with him is because, in his snap story today, he asked what the meaning for Snapchat ROI is to you. To me, currently, it’s the connections I’ve been making for my platform. But it will no doubt change over time as my life changes. 

This is the sort of thing you miss if you aren’t social on social media, though. You will never make the incredible connections that could change your life. I love people and I love social media. I will keep engaging my little heart out on all platforms because, truly, social media is a dream vehicle that can take you anywhere you want to go! 


Book Review: Fever at Dawn

Fever at DawnFever at Dawn by Péter Gárdos

This was a good book about Miklos and Lili who both survived their respective concentration camp imprisonments. They were each being nursed back to health in rehabilitation centers many miles apart.

Miklos was determined to find a wife for himself and began a letter writing campaign to 117 girls who met the requirements he established for a wife. Lili writes him back and they communicate via letter for six months.

This is a fictionalized account of the author’s parents actual love story. It’s a sweet story and I found myself cheering for their relationship amidst the efforts of external situations and people to ruin it.

The book is light and easy to read. A love story.

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Book Review: I Almost Forgot About You

I Almost Forgot About YouI Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! As I was reading I realized taht the reason I love reading Terry McMillan’s books is that I would want to be friends with the main character. Georgia Young is no different.

Georgia is nearly 55 when she finds that a man she used to know has passed. This makes her re-evaluate her own life. She has been a successful optometrist but feels bored and that there’s more in life for her.

She decides to get in touch with the men she’s loved in her life to see where they are and how their lives have progressed. She wants to tell them she was glad to have been in their lives since they all taught her something. She manages to make peace with her two ex-husbands and then thinks pursuing the rest may not be the best idea.

While she’s trying to decide how to change her life. She puts her house on the market and makes plans to sell her share of her practice. Different events occur that make her realize that she really likes her home and she takes it off the market and decides to start making “art” from furniture in her garage.

Her friend throws her a party for her 55th birthday and invites a man she loved, but never even admitted that love to herself, in college. Eventually, in a rather short time, Georgia realizes this is where she’s supposed to be in her life.

I loved being part of Georgia finding herself. I’m glad she ended up with Stan, happy. I highly recommend this book. I couldn’t put it down! 🙂

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