Book Review: A Little Bit of Grace

A Little Bit of GraceA Little Bit of Grace by Phoebe Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a huge fan of Phoebe Fox’s books and I was really excited to read her latest.

The story started out slowly but then it kicked in and I loved it! Grace is an attorney in partnership with her ex-husband and lifelong friend. When Brian brings home a pregnant girlfriend, Grace loses it as she hasn’t been able to get past her failed marriage.

About that time she receives a postcard in the mail addressed to her recently passed mother signed “M”. Almost without thinking, Grace is on s plane to Florida to stay with her aunt Millie, a relative she never even knew existed.

This book has colorful characters and a great storyline and I remain one of Phoebe Fox’s biggest fans.

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