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Snapchat Influencer Q&A with Lauri Rottmayer

It was an honor to be interviewed by Custom Filterz for their blog. You can read the interview by clicking here. It was fun to talk about my current favorite social media platform and how it applies to my business and personal life. 

Because I talk about it, but it wasn’t included in the post, I give you a sample of my daily coffee snap that I’ve become known for. 


 I’d love for you to join the fun and follow me on snapchat! 

RE: defined Coffee House

While I was in Texas this past week, I got a chance to have coffee at RE:defined Coffee House. It was extra special since I planned to meet a friend from snapchat.


I walked in and immediately liked the vibe. There were comfy couches and chairs to sit in and cool things to look at on the wall.


Looking up was fun, too, as it was still decorated for the Christmas holiday and it was pretty.


I had a cup of brewed coffee. I meant to go back and ask again what kind it was. It was their coffee of the day and all I can remember is that it was a medium roast from Central America. It was good with citrus and chocolate notes. 


They had a goodie case but I didn’t partake. I probably should have because I drank more coffee that day than I have in a long time!


The best part is that I met my friend, Amanda (ARay), from Snapchat.


We sat and talked like we had known each other forever. The best part of social media, in my opinion, is meeting IRL. 

I will definitely stop by RE:defined Coffee House again when I’m in Grapevine!

Fog Chaser

I’m sitting here enjoying a cup of Fog Chaser by San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee. It’s tasty! Yesterday, I made it using my Aeropress. Today, I made it in the drip pot. I’m always surprised how you can get a different taste from the same coffee when making it using different methods.


Anyway, this coffee is good. Made from Arabica beands, it’s a lighter roast than I’m used to drinking but it has a nice, smooth taste. The first thing I did when I opened the bag (what I always do first) was smell the coffee. It wasn’t terribly strong but it smelled good. After pressing it, the resultant brew was a little light and I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. 

The coffee has a nice flavor with the major notes being chocolate and nutty. It is definitely a contender for a middle of the day coffee for me. As a bonus, David liked it, too. 🙂

Coffee Holic

When I drove by Coffee Holic yesterday, I knew I was going to have to come back and visit. I’m in from out of town, working, and wasn’t familiar.

This morning I had the perfect opportunity. As I entered I saw that they have wifi which is always a plus. The first thing you see is a nice goodie case and I honed in on the Chocolate Almond Croissant. Almond Croissants are my favorite and after verifying they didn’t have plain ones, I ordered the chocolate version which she heated up for me. It was delicious!


I ordered brewed coffee and it was okay. Nothing spectacular, but drinkable. The total cost was under $5 which was pleasantly surprising.


Their menu is small but diverse with many options including smoothies, waffles, and sandwiches. Several choices of energy type bars are available for a portable option.


I’m glad I stopped in and if I return to Lewisville I’ll drop in again!

Social Media in the Real World


I’ve written before about my reason for being on social media. It’s to be able to have coffee with a friend anywhere in the world. I’ve had coffee with one of my snapchat friends, nessamakes, who happens to live just a mile away from me. But we were heading to Jacksonville, FL for the Mrs.International Pageant and I was excited to see that one of my other snap friends, Dapromoqueen, lives there. I made arrangements to get together with her.


We met at a cute coffee shop called Urban Grind Coffee Shop. It was an easy walk from the Omni Hotel where we were staying and was on Laura Street. Now, I don’t like when someone calls me Laura (even though it’s my given name) but I had to have a photo with the cool Laura Street sign.

Laura Street

When Dapromoqueen aka Tory, arrived, we had to snap about our meeting, of course. We had a fun time visting. She’s so nice and genuine and I love that we felt like friends right away.


When we got ready to head back to the hotel we took a photo together. I’m really tall AND I had tall wedge shoes on. Tory was prepared for work and had flats on so I was WAY taller than she was. It was pretty funny!


THIS, my friends, is what social media is about in the real world. At least for me. I know I have a friend to share coffee with anywhere I go. I’m so glad I got to meet Tory. I hope I’ll get to meet you when I am in your town!

Promised Post Pageant Donut

We stumbled upon Psycho Donuts on one of our morning walks a month or so ago. I loved how the outside was decorated. We didn’t go in but when I got home, I investigated a little further and decided that after the pageant, I was going to Psycho Donuts and have a donut. 


This morning, in a radical departure from my normally ultra healthy diet, we indulged.  It was truly difficult to decide which one of these amazing donuts I wanted to try. I asked the man in front of me if I could take a photo of his box and he said, “Sure”. 


After we ordered, he ordered 6 more! It really is a tough decision.


We decided on the Rocky Road (David) and the S’Mores (me)


They were served up by this very pleasant health care provider. 🙂


We also had a cup of coffee. I had the dark roast which was excellent and David had the lighter roast. 

Oh yum!!!!


We grabbed some napkins for the sticky deliciosity.


Sat at a cute table. 


It was amazing. Afterwards, I was buzzed to the max, ready to walk another 1397 miles. David just wanted to sleep. 🙂 

Although it’s not in my usual repertoire of food choices, I’m glad we tried Psycho Donuts. It was awesome! 😀

V is for Vero’s Coffee Bar

Today we wandered down to SoFA (South First Area District) to have coffee at Vero’s Coffee Bar.


 Vero’s is located in the SoFA Market. Accoriding to the folks at Vero’s, the SoFA Market is going to be similar to San Pedro Square, offering many of the same vendors.

They have a nice selection of coffees to chose from and several ways to have it made. They also have coffee you can purchase to make at home. 


It was a tasty cup of coffee! They have a small variety of treats but we decided to take a pass on that, today.


We’ll definitely wander down this way again. The coffee was delish, the folks at Vero’s were super nice and it will be interesting to see how the SoFA Market progresses! 🙂

P is for Philz Coffee

I was excited for it to be Saturday and that we could use our letter to try another coffee spot in San Jose. 


Philz Coffee is down on the Paseo de San Antonio which is a cute area with lots of shops and restaurants. 

We walked in and found the place to stand and wait to give our order. We perused the menu while we waited.


I see Turkish and I get all excited. I adore cardamom and the idea of having Turkish coffee without all the sugar was really appealing to me. And, of course, I love dark roasts. I ordered the Tantalizing Turkish. I loved it!

There is a nice pastry case off goodies to choose from.


And a cookie case.


I was intrigued by the Kouign Amann pastry especially after reading a Yelp review that said “you need this in your life”. I tried the fig filled pastry and it was amazing, all buttery and delicious.  😀


David stuck to his traditional chocolate croissant which he ate before I was able to snap a photo. He isn’t a coffee achiever, like I am, and was unsure of which coffee to select. With the barista’s help, we settled on the Tesora, which he said was their house coffee. David let me steal a sip of it and it was good, as well. The coffee at Philz is made, by pour over method, one cup at a time. 

You can buy Philz Coffee’s to take home, which is nice, and I like their logo mugs you can buy. (I didn’t get a photo. :() 


This shop is really close to the university and was really, really busy. We were able to snag a table outside which, as you know, I love. 

I definitely plan a return trip to sample some of the other coffees and pastries in the future. 🙂 


J is for Japantown

Today, included in our walk, was a detour into Japantown.


 We wanted to try a new coffee shop but couldn’t find one beginning with J but there is a coffee shop in Japantown called Roy’s Station Coffee and Teas. I knew I could make Japantown be in the path of our walk and I’m glad I did. 


We stopped into Roy’s. It’s a great coffee shop with an awesome patio outside. Where, of course, we sat.

I hate to tell you that I had another almond croissant but, when it comes to almond croissants, I’m weak, y’all, I’m weak. This croissant was so big and so delicious. The first thing I tasted was the butter but the almond taste was so nice. 


David had a chocolate croissant which he said was really great, too. We both had their house coffee which was yummy. I do so love drinking out of a real cup. 😀


The people at Roy’s station were super nice and I know we’ll go there again because it was a nice experience. They, too, have a nice menu of not only drinks but food. 


We then walked to the end of Jackson Street, which I would call the heart of Japantown. 


I loved how the traffic control system boxes have ninjas 


and dragons. 😀


We considered living in Japantown and I really like it, but in the end, downtown won. Still, I’m sure we’ll at least go to Japantown for coffee at Roy’s again , if for no other reason. 🙂

I is for I Java

So excited to do another downtown coffee shop and it’s not even Saturday! And I had coffee with a friend from Oklahoma who’s here for a convention!


I picked Amy up at her hotel and we walked around downtown a little bit before we found ourselves at the street that I Java is on. I hadn’t been over to that part of downtown yet so it was fun to see what was there. There are very, very wide sidewalks over there! 🙂

We were going to try another shop but then I realized today was I in the challenge and I had seen a sign for I Java when I was coming back from the grocery a week or so ago. When I looked, I found it was close to Amy’s hotel. Perfect!

I Java is a cute place. I love the tables and chairs on the inside (which I neglected to photograph) even though we chose to sit outside on this gorgeous morning. 


They have a nice goodie case but I only had coffee today. After the pageant, I do hope to come back and try something yummy from their bakery case. 😉


 They also have a very nice, large menu of breakfast, lunch and drinks. 


My coffee was delicious and I had it hot. Amy had hers iced. This is a nice shop, sort of off the beaten path. I’m not sure I would have found it if I hadn’t seen the sign the other day but I will definitely return. 😀