I am the trophy wife of David Rottmayer

I am blessed to be the mother of two amazing sons, Brandon and Geoff

Our sons gave us two gorgeous daughters-in-love, Vanessa and Nikki

I’m  “Glammie” to Aniston Lee, Lauri & Laurence

My best buddy is Boo Boo the Wonderdog, a large breed with a giant personality

I write about my family, social media, traveling and food

I love cheeseburgers, coffee and cake

I detest lying

I live happy 🙂

Making friends and making connections amongst my friends makes me happier

I am a smiler, a singer, and a storyteller

I love to bake really intricate recipes but I give the resultant goodies away

My hair has it’s own hashtag – #Rottmop

I’m strong and love swinging the kettlebell. The day I flipped a tire, I couldn’t quit giggling

I once kissed Muhammed Ali on the cheek at the ball fields in Berrien Springs, Michigan

You will never meet anyone else like me

And I’m R.E.A.L.*

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment!

Lauri 🙂

*Relevant, Engaging, Amusing, Likeable

Wayne McEvilly
Wayne McEvilly

Lauri :-) You make me smile. :-) You write a great self-portrait. :-) You keep it short. :-) And you keep it sweet. :-) Loved the part about the kiss on Muhammed Ali's cheek. :-) And all the other parts. Wayne You are a gladdener.