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Renew Redo: Guestroom Headboard

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Tulsa. Although there was a high wind advisory, that never happened and the temperature reached 70 degrees.

I wanted to take that day to paint the headboard for the guest room that I got from Craigslist.



I fell in love with, not only this comforter set, but also the way the white headboard looked on the gray wall. So I was looking for a headboard that would show the wall through it.

I found this headboard on Craigslist within the $50 budget I set for myself.


Then I got three cans of white spray paint. Which was a bad mistake. I don’t know if I just stink at spray painting or the paint was cheap or what but it didn’t go on very smoothly. And my pointer fingers hurt so much from trying to spray the paint. So I ran to the store to get a can of white semi-gloss paint.

What a fabu idea! It looks amazing.


I can’t wait to see it against the wall with “Shaken Not Stirred” peeking through. πŸ™‚

Renew Redo: Guest Room Lamp Update

When we moved into this house, there was a pretty solid lamp in one of the extra bedrooms. But it was seriously boring and sad looking.

Boring Lamp

Β It had some beading on the lamp shade but it was boring, too. Almost invisible. I felt like that poor lamp was just crying in the corner. πŸ™


I also felt like the shade was a little small for a lamp of that size. So I set out to find a replacement shade. After a long search, I wasn’t finding anything close to what I wanted. I’m redoing the room in turquoise, green and white. Either the colors weren’t right or the size wasn’t right. So I decided to do it myself.

I found a plain white shade, which would brighten up the lamp (and make it all white) all by itself. It was a little bigger and a nice square shape.

New Lamp ShadeAnd I got some green ruffle ribbon and blue and green bead trim.

TrimI attached these to the lamp shade with Liquid Stitch which is pretty close to Elmer’s Glue. It was super easy to cut and paste my little project and when it was done, look at the happy difference!

Redone Lamp

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the way it turned out! It’s going to be a great part of the total look in the room.

Here’s the before and after for you. πŸ™‚

Before After

Happy, eh? πŸ™‚