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Renovation Retrospection: The Upstairs Guest Room

We are headed to Florida at the end of the week and it’s time to get a guest room completed for our house/dog sitter. I’ve had all the “pieces”. I just need to put them all together.

I took down all of the decorations from the room and donated them to Goodwill. Except for the giant tree. I saw someone selling one on Craigslist for $275 and thought maybe I should do the same.

Guest Room Before

The room is now empty so that I could remove the wallpaper border and paint it. When I moved the tree, this is what I see.


Advice to the home seller:  I’d  strongly suggest that when you do a bad patch job on a wall, you at least use the same color paint to cover it up because when the new buyer removes the big ass tree you put in front of it, they will see your shoddy workmanship.

I guess that the reason the wall paper border was put up was to hide the really crappy paint job.


The good news is, I was able to pull most of the wall paper down by grabbing the loose edges. It took me around an hour to get the super stuck pieces off with a steamer.

Advice to the home seller: If you decide to put up a wall paper border to hide your crappy paint job, be sure not to do a really good job at sticking that stuff up, either. That way, when the buyer wants to get this hideous stuff off the wall, it won’t take them as much time as it will if you do a really good job.

The room is now ready for some fabu paint! 🙂