Book Review: Rich People Problems

Rich People Problems (Crazy Rich Asians, #3)Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

I loved this book! Just like his previous two books, Rich People Problems is funny and highly readable. Kevin Kwan is one of my favorite authors!

All the players are back in this third story of Asia’s most privileged families. The grand dame of the family, Su Yi, is starting to fail and the family starts wondering what who will be the heir to Tyersall Park, the families grand estate which is the largest private property in Singapore.

Nicholas is the person everyone suspects will be the chosen one to inherit but he had a falling out with Su Yi over his marriage to Rachel and hasn’t seen her in five years. Eddie is hell bent on making sure that he is the one to inherit by blocking any and all comers who might show themselves to be a preferable choice.

Kitty, now married to Jack Bing, continues to be obsessed with being esteemed in the highest social circles but finds herself continually bumping against his daughter, Collette, who has married into English royalty.

Astrid, hoping to finally become divorced from Michael so she and her long time love, Charlie can be together have to fight against his unbalanced first wife, her family, and Michael.

It’s a crazy time, a great read. I hope there’s a Crazy Rich Asians #4 in the works!

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