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RE: defined Coffee House

While I was in Texas this past week, I got a chance to have coffee at RE:defined Coffee House. It was extra special since I planned to meet a friend from snapchat.


I walked in and immediately liked the vibe. There were comfy couches and chairs to sit in and cool things to look at on the wall.


Looking up was fun, too, as it was still decorated for the Christmas holiday and it was pretty.


I had a cup of brewed coffee. I meant to go back and ask again what kind it was. It was their coffee of the day and all I can remember is that it was a medium roast from Central America. It was good with citrus and chocolate notes. 


They had a goodie case but I didn’t partake. I probably should have because I drank more coffee that day than I have in a long time!


The best part is that I met my friend, Amanda (ARay), from Snapchat.


We sat and talked like we had known each other forever. The best part of social media, in my opinion, is meeting IRL. 

I will definitely stop by RE:defined Coffee House again when I’m in Grapevine!

Social Media in the Real World


I’ve written before about my reason for being on social media. It’s to be able to have coffee with a friend anywhere in the world. I’ve had coffee with one of my snapchat friends, nessamakes, who happens to live just a mile away from me. But we were heading to Jacksonville, FL for the Mrs.International Pageant and I was excited to see that one of my other snap friends, Dapromoqueen, lives there. I made arrangements to get together with her.


We met at a cute coffee shop called Urban Grind Coffee Shop. It was an easy walk from the Omni Hotel where we were staying and was on Laura Street. Now, I don’t like when someone calls me Laura (even though it’s my given name) but I had to have a photo with the cool Laura Street sign.

Laura Street

When Dapromoqueen aka Tory, arrived, we had to snap about our meeting, of course. We had a fun time visting. She’s so nice and genuine and I love that we felt like friends right away.


When we got ready to head back to the hotel we took a photo together. I’m really tall AND I had tall wedge shoes on. Tory was prepared for work and had flats on so I was WAY taller than she was. It was pretty funny!


THIS, my friends, is what social media is about in the real world. At least for me. I know I have a friend to share coffee with anywhere I go. I’m so glad I got to meet Tory. I hope I’ll get to meet you when I am in your town!

100,000th tweet

So today I tweeted my 100,000th tweet.

It was more stressful than I thought it would be. You see, I never pay attention to “milestone” tweets, I just tweet. But I wanted to do something special for 100,000 because that seemed like a milestone that demanded attention.

I knew I would hit it today. I was trying to formulate some ideas so it would be memorable. I tweeted about it.

Ryan said,


I kept watching and just wanted it to be here so I could go on with my regularly unscheduled life.


 And here it is. 


Many thanks to all of my twitter followers who have made my 4+ years on twitter so much fun and educational and just one of my favorite places to be. Thank you for being a friend! 🙂

Today, I am sad

I learned last night that my friend Whitney had passed away. Her husband had told me that she was in the ICU at Baptist Hospital a few weeks ago and we’ve been praying since.

Whitney was another wonderful twitter friend that had turned into an IRL friendship. She was so sweet and I’m happy I had a chance to know her, even for a short time.

I am a strong believer. I do believe that I will see Whitney again in Eternity.

I just finished the book Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo. His son, Colton, spent some time in Jesus’ lap and returned to tell his family and  friends about his experiences. If we are to believe Colton’s report, and I do, Jesus was the first person that Whitney saw and that comforts me.

This incredible sadness I feel comes when I think about her husband, Stephen, and their little boys and the loss they will bear.  They remain in my prayers for the peace and comfort that only Jesus can bring.

It’s sad to think of a life cut short at the mere age of 34. But the Bible says that we are not promised tomorrow.

Be sure to tell those you love that you love them. Cherish them. Now and every day.