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McDazzle Fun Ball


One of the lovely women I met at the Mrs. International Pageant was Aquillia “Q” Vang, Mrs. Nevada. I learned that her platform is Ronald McDonald House Charities, a cause she is very personally connected with. 

Q has been to many different Ronald McDonald Houses to fix a meal or help out in any way. She told me she was coming to Tulsa to help out at the McDazzle Fun Ball and asked if I’d like to help out. What a great idea!


One of the things you learn while competing at Mrs. International is that each contestant has a cause they are connected to. But to actually come along with a sister queen to share in that was an opportunity I was honored to be a part of. 

I connect with Lindsay at the local Ronald McDonald House and she showed me around and gave me the low down on how the process works for people who stay with them. Although I live very close to the house and drive by it almost every day, I never really understood exactly how it worked. Very impressive!

It was so fun to help out at the ball. We started out at the door, greeting people as they arrived. Once inside, Q visited with the guests and directed them to the check in table. 


After we greeted all the attendees, we joined the party in the ballroom and watched the live auction. It was a great night and a lot of money was raised for the Tulsa Ronald McDonald House.


But the best part of the whole night for me was the honor of being there with Q as she supported her platform of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Thank you, Q! It was an awesome night. ๐Ÿ™‚

Half Clown

Back in ‘April, I did an appearance with Fire Marshall Tom in the Safety Zone at the Adkar Shrine Circus. As well as being fire marshall, Tom also serves as Huffy the Clown, an educational clown. So it wasn’t strange that all the clowns at the circus stopped by to talk to Tom while we were there.


The more I interacted with these fabulous folks, the more I thought, “these are my people” and “I need to be a clown”. At that time, we were tentatively supposed to move overseas so I told Tom that I would let him know once I knew for sure. 

At the Mrs. International Pageant a few months later, we each had to introduce ourselves at Orientation. Each table of contestants received a different question and we then had 30 seconds to answer it. The question for our table was “What is one item on your bucket list?” 

Well, I don’t have a bucket list but I do have a Goals list and at any one time there are over 100 items on it. I was the fourth person in line. While I waited I was trying to think what one thing on that list would be at all interesting to my sister contestants and pageant staff. Then it came to me:

Glammie the Clown!

I was happy with my idea and waited for my turn. I told them how my granddaughter already calls me Glammie so I want to take it a step further to become a clown of the same name. I told them that my big, wide clown shoes would be my favorite shoes ever. (I didn’t know how true this would be prior to wearing 5″ heels for 11 hours a day!) Glammie the Clown was very well received and over the course of the following week, many of the other girls told me how awesome they thought it was.

Now, I’ve been back from the pageant for a month or so and I realize that I need to get moving on this clown thing. I finally connected with the Gentle Jesters group last Tuesday and was able to go to their monthly meeting that night. They gave me all kinds of great tips and told me how it works. They had an event yesterday and told me I could come as a clown or come to observe. sickle_cell

Since I have no  clown items, I said I’d come to observe. I made my way to The Supporters of Families with Sickle Cell Disease Back to School Bash where I essentially served as a clown intern or clown in training. I learned how to make balloons into dogs and swords. Then I was thrown into face painting. 


I’d watch Lucy paint several faces and I just wasn’t sure I could do it. So I asked the first little boy, what he wanted me to paint on his face. He said, “A lion.” OMG how do you paint a lion? So I kind of winged it and when I was finished, I handed him the mirror and he got the biggest smile on his face. It was so awesome! I’m glad that Lucy made me paint faces because I was pretty sure I couldn’t do it and it turns out, I was wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m so excited to be a full clown. Glammie the Clown will be making her debut on September 10 and the Claremore Community Center. Stay tuned!


Beauty Secrets from a Clown

I’ve spent the past couple of days hanging out in the Safety Station with the Tulsa Fire Department at the Akdar Shrine Circus promoting my platform of concussion safety for kids.


It’s a circus  so, of course, there are clowns. I love clowns. So happy and fun! 

The first clown I met and actually spoke to was Noze. We had a deep discussion about lipstick. Because, you see, he has the most fabulous, sparkly, red lips!

I asked him, “So where do you get your lipstick?”

He looked at me as if he was sizing me up. Trying to decide, should I tell her? Finally, he responded, “I make it myself.”

“Really? How do you do that?” I asked him, with excitement. I really need to have some of that lipstick and couldn’t wait to learn how to make it.

“Well,” Noze said, “I use red lipstick, then I put glitter glue on top of that, and then add red glitter.”

Hmm…. I was thinking. Glitter glue. Glue????

“So how do you get it off? How long does it take?” I asked him.

“I just use baby oil. It takes me an hour to put my face on but it takes me one minute to get it off.”

Whoa! That’s incredible! I was completely intrigued and clearly better informed for having had this conversation with Noze. Now, I’m off to buy some glitter glue. ๐Ÿ˜€

A is for Athletic Mission

After a rough start, our gym Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is off and running.


It’s finally an actual school baseball season and it’s so exciting to hear reports of how great our clients are doing every day. 


Geoff employs techniques in training that are very different from the information that’s been taught by everyone else. After being injured in college, he spent years educating himself on what causes injury and how to improve as a player without injury. These are the techniques he’s using to train our clients and they’re working!

Even at a young age, kids come in expecting that their arm is going to hurt after a game. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As they learn the new techniques, they are able to put them into practice  and see improvement quickly. Which is awesome if you’re someone like me who gets impatient waiting for anything. ๐Ÿ˜‰


One of my favorite things we have is the Neurotracker. Although it was originally designed to help kids with ADHD focus, it’s been shown to help with athletic performance and many of the professional hockey and football teams use it. We’re actually the only facility in the midwest offering the Neurotracker to youth athletes and I’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting to see the outcome. And not on the field. As a mom, I was really curious to see how it would help our athletes in the classroom. Geoff says that it’s been really great for our pitchers on the field and that many of the kids are reporting better grades. While we can’t absolutely prove the Neurotracker helped in the classroom, it’s one factor that wasn’t there before so it makes me happy to see it helping that way, too. 

It’s great to see Geoff’s passion for the game  (and for the guys) coming through when he talks to me. But it’s even more exciting to sit back and read the reports from parents and kids when they have a really good game and their improvement is so evident. 

Walt Disney said, “Observe the masses and do the opposite.” 

“This defines us,” Geoff says.

I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

2014 #SMTulsa Conference


The #SMTulsa Conference is coming up in less than a month now and I hope you’re making plans to attend.

This will be my first time at the conference and I’m honored to also be speaking on Thursday a.m. about the importance of having a social CV.

I’m super de duper excited my session is one of the first so we can get all that out of the way and I can hang out in the other fabu ย sessions being offered!

I’m really looking forward to seeing my friend Becky McCray, who will be the keynote speaker, and meeting other twitter friends that are also on the speakers roster.

The conference is March 20-21 at the Aloft Hotel in Downtown Tulsa. Click here to get all the info you need to register for the conference.

See you there!

The Zoo!

Yesterday we took Geoff, Nikki and the Glambaby to the Tulsa Zoo!


We’ve lived here, more or less, for around 11 years and have never been to the zoo. At Woodland Hills Mall there is a big advertisement for the Zoo and every time we walk past it, the Glambaby has to stop and look at it and talk about it. We’ve been waiting for it to be warm enough to go.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! It was around 64 degrees and sunny. There were very few people there so it was comfortable all the way around.

The Glambaby really wanted to see an elephant and a monkey. And she got her wish.


The monkeys got crazy!

We rode the train around to the other size of the zoo.


We ate lunch at the McCaw Landing Grille inside the zoo and had some very tasty burgers!

We then visited the slides. The glambaby, supreme slide lover, saw them as we went to lunch and we promised her we’d slide when we were finished eating. We played on the playground for quite a while until she got so sleepy it was time to go.


We didn’t get to the giraffes or the carousel (which looks amazing!) or the petting zoo. I hope we’ll get a chance to go back soon. ย We had so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Review: Ti Amo Ristorante

My bestie was coming to town for business and we planned to have dinner on Wednesday. I know she loves Tex-Mex but I’m not a super big fan. I asked her about Italian. She said she loved it so I made reservations at Ti Amo’s South which is right around the corner from our house.


After we were settled in a comfy booth, our server came to take our drink order and brought us the most amazing bruchetta. I didn’t get a photo of it but it was delish!

I decided on a glass of Chianti. I’d been talking about Chianti with a twitter friend recently and telling her that I’d never had it. I loved it! It tasted a lot like the Malbec we’d been drinking before we left the house. For some reason I was afraid it would be too sweet, but it was nice.


Then came the lobster bisque. I could have eaten this for my main course. It was wonderful. Spicy and warm. It was a good choice.

My dinner was fettucine alfredo with chicken. I rarely indulge in pasta and the creamy pasta and juicy chicken really hit the spot.

fettuccine alfredo

I had followed Ti Amo’s on twitter and got to choose a free dessert.

We chose the Lemon Berry Marscapone Cake to split since we were mostly FULL!lemon berry marscapone cake.ย Yum! It was light and sweet, the perfect way to end our meal.

While we were waiting to get our bill, the owner came by our table. He asked if we liked Limoncello. Denise and I said, yes we did. He told us he makes his own Limoncello and brought us each a shot on the house. It was awesome!


We had a really nice visit with Denise and a lovely dinner at Ti Amo’s. I’m sure we’ll visit again!



Creative Writing Contest

If you read my blog yesterday, you will know how much I love the library. The other day, I went to the Tulsa Public Library website and saw this:

Creative Writing ContestI had actually seen the same notice last year but it was too late in January when I saw it and I was too busy. But this year, I still have over half a month to prepare my entry.

I’ve written about my list of 100 Goals. Number 85 on that list is: Enter a creative writing contest.


I am polishing up my entry. It’s the same one I would have entered last year so I already knew what I was going to write.

There are four categories:

  • Short Story
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Informal Essay
  • Poetry

Mine entry will be in the Informal Essay category and I will submit it next time I go to the library.

Judging will take place and then there will be an awards ceremony on April 12. I’m excited to actually enter a contest and to be able to cross number 85 off of my list. If I should get a prize, that will just be the cherry on top. ๐Ÿ™‚

Storytime with Miss Nha

I started picking up the glambaby on Thursdays back in August. It’s so awesome because I get to spend the whole day with her. We do all kinds of things but one of the things we’ve done since the beginning is Storytime with Miss Nha.


Since reading is one of my favorite things to do, I wanted to teach the glambaby about the library. I checked through the Tulsa Public Library’s events and that’s where I found the Thursday morning event at Nathan Hale Library.

Every week when we would get to the library, the first thing we would do if I had a book to return, is the glambaby would drop the book into the return slot. Then we’d head to the beads.

Playing with beads at the library

After that, it is time for stories! There are little carpets with the letters of the alphabet on them. The glambaby loves the D carpet.

D carpet

There are stories.

Reading stories

And rhymes.

Nursery rhymesAnd bubbles. And songs that have dances with them a lot of the time. At the end, is the all important sticker picking. ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s great fun and the glambaby, although she was hesitant at first, eventually started coming out of her shell and really getting involved. The last time we visited, she was slapping her knee in laughter, it was so cute.

Now, in the new year, the glambaby is going to school on Thursdays so we won’t be going to Storytime with Miss Nha anymore.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Miss Nha! Aniston and I had so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

A Cupping We Will Go

I have no idea how I landed on the Topeca Coffeeย website towards the end of last year but there I was. And I discovered that they hold a free cupping session on the first Friday morning of each month. Since that was coming up in a few days, I excitedly signed up for it.

As the marketing director of 21st Sensory, Inc. for three years, I am very familiar with the sensory analysis of foods, beverages (other than coffee) and personal care products. And that is where I first heard about coffee cupping from one of our ingredient salesman friends.

I knew then, being the coffee achiever that I am, that cupping coffee is something I for sure wanted to do someday and before my Topeca experience I had the chance one other time. ย It was interesting and exciting to actually see how they determine which are the good coffees.

I knew what to expect when I got to Topeca’s Roastery.

Topeca Coffee Roastery

When I walked in, I felt like I had entered Lauri’s Playground. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cupping Lab

First we me Ian Picco, Topeca’s Director of Coffee. Is that NOT the BEST title? He took us on a tour of the Roastery.

Roastery Tour

He explained how their entire process works from shipping, roasting, packaging and shipping back out. ย I told David we could fill up one of our empty rooms at the house with one of these beauties. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coffee Roaster

Then we saw where the beans are stored, in a climate controlled space, until they are ready to be roasted.

Climate Controlled Storage

The bags are pretty!

Coffee Beans

Then we finally got to do the cupping. This was so interesting and I learned so much. I am a big fan of Sumatran coffee. When Ian said that he expects to taste spicey notes, like green pepper and radish, in a good Sumatran bean I had never heard of that before. But I was able to pick it out knowing I should be on the lookout for it.

The beans were ground and boiling water poured over them.

Getting the coffee ready for cupping

We went around and smelled all of the different beans and then when they cooled down, we did the actual tasting of them. This involves taking a puddle of coffee into the spoon and doing a strong slurp to aspirate the coffee over the entire mouth so you hit all of your taste buds. Since you taste differently in different parts of your tongue this ensures you taste it properly.

When we were finished I decided my two favorites were these.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Sumatra

Which translates to these when I buy them off the shelf or their website.

Topeca Sumatra Silimakuta


Topeca Ethiopia Ardi

Now that the ice is melted, that’s my plan! Thank you so much to Ian and Topeca Coffee for offering this experience. It was fabu! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’d like to do a cupping at the Topeca Roastery, you can click through here to register for the next class. Have fun and happy cupping! ๐Ÿ™‚