Book Review: The Sunshine Sisters

The Sunshine SistersThe Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love Jane Green and loved this book!

These girls are seriously dysfunctional. Ronni Sunshine, the mom, is a movie actress. She spends her life making everything about her alienating her three daughters. Nell, the strong one, Merideth, the chubby one, and Lizzy the baby. The three girls can’t wait to get old enough to move out of the house and once they do, they rarely return or have much to do with their mom or each other.

Now Ronni seems to be really sick and calls them all home. Her idea is to connect the three girls again so that she can have them around her when she takes her own life.

There’s a LOT of drama in this book but it’s a great story and I loved to see how it ended. Highly recommend!

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